We are what we digest. Let Raphaology help your digestive system neutralize the toxic assault from our environment and restore you to balance and optimal health.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians practiced Raphaology medicine to heal and restore the body, mind and spirit. Today, this holistic approach to healing is more relevant than ever, given the daily onslaught of toxins to which our bodies are exposed. Through indigenous plant medicines, a diet rich in high enzyme foods, color and light therapy, and “Interactive Determination Therapy,” our Raphaology therapist will help your digestive system neutralize disease-creating toxins. Enabling your body to absorb the nutrients it needs to stay healthy instead of turning them into toxins that can travel through the blood stream and cause disease. One Raphaology session and you’ll see how powerful this light-filled plant medicine can be.


Raphaology uses unique and indigenous herbs (phyto-medicine), enzyme-rich foods, light and color therapy, and Interactive Determination Therapy to heal the body by restoring normal digestive function. Used since the dawn of time, Raphaology was taught by the Egyptian pharaohs of Aeggyps (Egypt) as the most healing of all arts and sciences.

This ancient method of healing is based on the philosophy that dis-ease begins as a digestive system malfunction, i.e. a weakness in the body’s ability to neutralize the huge onslaught of toxicity in our current world, resulting in symptoms that modern medicine has sought to control rather than heal.

When we consider that healing of any kind is a restoration of all physiological functions to their optimal performance level, we must first understand that we are more than what we eat. We are what we digest. It all begins when an undigested food substance putrefies and produces toxic gasses. These toxins are then transported by blood fluids throughout the body and become dis-easement where they lodge, encouraging acidity, lack of nutrient and oxygen absorption and bacterial proliferation. If these conditions exist in the lungs, modern medicine may call their symptoms asthma; in the joints, maybe it’s identified as arthritis; in the pancreas it might be labeled pancreatitis or diabetes; in the sinuses perhaps it’s called allergies; and so on.

We can take supplements or eat foods loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but if we’re incapable of digesting their properties, then they’re simply eliminated as waste, or more often, stored until they putrefy and become toxic. Regardless of the amounts or types of supplements or nutrients we consume, if we cannot digest and utilize their content, we may be causing harm or stress to organs and/or the body’s various systems.

By incorporating the herbs of Raphaology into the diet, the malfunctioning or damaged digestive organs can be repaired and restored by removing toxic deposits and their symptoms, including pain and swelling. Repairing damage is paramount in the healing process, and restoring proper function to organs and systems is what the human body is programmed to achieve. Pharmaceutical-grade products may mask symptoms while the underlying problem grows worse, giving a false sense of health.

True healing comes from the specific herbs (phytoceuticals) that repair damage or support the body’s ability to repair its own tissues and functions. Foods high in enzymatic properties render their nutrients readily useable for boosting organ function, and are especially beneficial when used in conjunction with herbal properties that repair damage to digestive organs and hormone-producing glands. Enzymes in foods play the most important role in digestibility. A food may be found under clinical conditions to be loaded with vitamins and minerals, but if these nutrients are not accompanied by enzymes, their properties will go to “waste” in the digestive tract, producing toxins.

Here’s a simple test you can do at home to help you understand this phenomenon. Place an apple and a pear on your kitchen counter and leave them unattended for several weeks. At the end of period, the pear will have become a darkened, oozing, dented mass of scented and decomposing elements, while the apple will be virtually the same as weeks earlier, and will continue in this condition for many weeks to come. The decomposing state of the pear indicates its high enzymatic content. It has readily released its nutritive compounds to the environment (digesting itself). The apple tells a different story. When ingested, its low enzymatic content inhibits the digestive system’s ability to utilize the fruit’s nutritive properties, putting stress on this vital system and producing swelling, acidity and pain. Foods with the highest level of enzymes and nutrients boost organ function, increase energy and help eliminate old, stored foods that are causing stress, toxicity and dysfunction (dis-ease).

Another word for the energy within enzymes in food is “light.” The light from the sun that is collected and stored within plants contains the resource material that the human body uses to produce hormones. Our hormones are made from light. If we are light/enzyme deficient, our hormones are correspondingly deficient. Therefore, eating enzyme-less food causes hormone imbalances. Hormones are the direct fuel for organ function, and without individual organs functioning properly, our systems will eventually become compromised. Without hormonal balance, our emotions and ability to think clearly are adversely affected.

By determining where we have deficiencies, we can incorporate into our diets those specific light-filled foods and herbs that can repair any damage to organs and tissues caused by these deficiencies. All herbal and food requirements can be determined by using the map of the internal body’s parts located on the bottom of the feet to access the nervous system that ends near the surface on the soles. We call this procedure Interactive Determination Therapy (ID Therapy). By communicating directly with the body to determine what appropriate herbs and foods it needs, including their amounts, the healing process begins. The process is complete when we are filled with light and one by one each gland, organ and system is restored to optimal function. Our hormones are balanced, emotions stabilized and clear thinking restored.


The bottoms of the feet provide a map of the entire body. The right foot corresponds to the organs on the right side of the body, and the same holds true for the left foot. Every aspect of the human body’s form is repeated in the shape of the foot.

The curvature of the spine is repeated in the curve or arch of the foot. A long neck is repeated in long toes, and so forth. The ears, eyes, hands and every other individual part of the body also represent the body as a whole unit. Along each nerve path is connected one specific organ or system function of the internal workings of the body. Individual pressure points on the foot are used as reactive areas to communicate with every organ and body part, as they are attached to the nerve pathways that surface on the skin.

Nerve path endings on the soles of the feet are a map for the corresponding internal organs of the body and can be accessed by using Interactive Determination (ID) Therapy. This therapy shows just what imbalances, dysfunctions and light frequency deficiencies are present. It reveals exactly what color frequency in herbs and foods are necessary to restore full spectrum light, energy, nutrients and enzymes to the individual organ for repairing damage, restoring function, boosting immunities, balancing hormones, alleviating symptoms and revitalizing health to its optimal state.